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Stealing local storage data through XSS

                         Stealing local storage data through XSS In this blog, I'm going to show how to steal local storage data and one of my same finding on bugcrowd.😀 See screen shot below which is storing sensitive data in Local Storage. Local Storage. Its easy to steal this Local stored data through javascript localStorage.getItem() function. lets alert this data through console for demonstration. Payload : alert(localStorage.getItem('access_token')) Simple Example through Console  I have found same challenge previously on bugcrowd private program.  Authorisation token was responsible to handle web application session but they are storing that authorisation token in local storage. which is not a good way to protect session tokens.  So i manged to find Stored XSS on that program and that XSS is getting executed on Admin Account. Bingo !! 😜 it take me 2 min to craft payload and steal that authorisation token. ezpz 😎