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OLX Reflected XSS on Resend Code link !!  This is my first write up ! sharing is caring !!  😎         This is not big finding , just one of my noob xss that i have found on To change password , OLX firstly sends OTP to registered phone number and hold on for user to enter OTP number but on the same page they have provided the link which resend code (which get highlight after some seconds if user failed to enter the code) so i checked the request and response of that resend code functionality and its pretty sending mobile number and hash as parameter ph="phone number" & h="hash" I changed that default user "ph" value to victims number but no luck because of another parameter "h=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (hash) 😫 So after that i decided to test for XSS  on same functionality and found one ! ✌😜 OLX Reflected XSS I checked the context and entered payload in "ph" parameter ph= " onmouseover="alert